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*Sourdough toast & Spread                        7.00

Your choice of berry king jam, honey, nutella, vegemite or peanut butter on sourdough toast

On Gluten free toast   +2.5

Fruit loaf                      +2.5


*Eggs on toast                                  10.00

Free-range eggs (fried/scrambled/poached)

On sourdough or multigrain toast


*Smoked salmon bagels                  18.9

Smoked salmon with jalapenos cream cheese, avocado smash, capers feta crumble and figs


*Coconut Pannacotta Muesli                       16.50

GF cranberry muesli with passionfruit couli, yoghurt, berries


*Nutella Pancake                                           19.90

With nutella mousse, couli, pistachio crumble, fairy floss, ice-cream, berries


*Avocado smash & heirloom tomatoes 17.90

Avocado smash served on sourdough toast with heirloom tomatoes, feta, red chilli, olive oil, pomegranate glaze, pickled turnips.

Add two poached free-range eggs     +6.0


*Grilled halloumi                               19.50

Pan-fried halloumi cheese served on sourdough toast with house-made chilli jam, zatar spiced, rocket, avocado & a poached free-range egg


*Benedict                                           19.90

Ham hock, wilted spinach, poached free-range eggs, hollandaise sauce on english muffin


*Brekkie burger                                 17.90

Fried free-range egg, bacon, cheese, caramelised onion with house-made hash brown & spicy hollandaise sauce in a toasted bun


*Chorizo scrambled taco                 19.90

Scrambled free-range eggs with chorizo, mushroom(enoki & oyster), cheese, chilli salsa & lime yoghurt sauce in a taco


*Corn & Zucchini Fritters                19.50

With grilled vegan cheese, rocket salad and romesco sauce in a house -made fritter


*Baked Spanish Egg                                    19.50

Two free range eggs with baked potato, sofrito black bean, cheese and turkish bread


*Mozzarella Croquettes                   19.90

Smoked salmon, red caviar feta cheese sauce and green asparagus salad


*Farmhouse Breakfast                                 20.90

Two free-range eggs on sourdough toast, bacon, pork sausage, thyme mushroom, hash brown & hollandaise


*Vegetarian Breakfast                                  20.90

Two free-range eggs on sourdough toast, thyme mushroom, avocado, grilled halloumi, hash brown, spinach & grilled truss tomato


Essential side              +3

Free-range Egg, hollandaise sauce, chilli jam, 2-gluten free toast


Sides                           +4.0

Bacon, sausage, spinach, mushroom, roasted tomato, halloumi, hash brown, chorizo, feta cheese


Special side                 +4.5

Smoked salmon, avocado


*Heyjude Black Angus Burger                    19.00

Beef pattie,  bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion beetroot special sauce with chips


*Spiced Chicken Sandwich                         19.50

Spicy fried chicken with cos lettuce, slaw, cheese, citrus spicy aioli in a turkish focaccia, with chips


*Winter Salad                                                17.90

Quinoa, kale, pinenuts, avocado, cranberries, feta and lemon vinaigrette

Add chicken                +6

Add halloumin             +6


*Warm Lamb Salad                                       22.00

Cous cous, Roasted pumpkin, asparagus , broccalini, red onion, feta cheese, balsamic dressing


*Funghi Parma                                              20.00

Breast chicken parmigiana served with creamy garlic mushroom and avocado with chips

Or mexican parma >> hot salami, napoli sauce, jalapenos, cheese with chips


*Open Lamb Souvlaki                                  22.90

House-made flat bread, grilled lamb salad, chips & tzatziki sauce on top


*Salt & Pepper Calamari                              17.50

Fresh salt & pepper calamari served with a green salad & aioli



Espresso     3.9/4.7



Milk Coffee     4/4.9


Add soy milk     0.6

Add Coconut milk     1.0

Add almond milk     1.0

Magic     4.5


Affogato     6.0


Extra shot     0.5




Hot chocolate     3.9/4.7



Chai latte     4/4.8


Babyccino     1.5

Teas by Project t     4.0

Pot of English breakfast, earl grey,

green tea, lemongrass & ginger,

peppermint, chamomile




Orange, Apple, pear, Carrot, pineapple,

celery, ginger, beetroot & mint juice

(option of 3)   8.0


Iced Coffee     6.0

Iced Chocolate     6.0

Iced Matcha     7.0

Banana & Berry Smoothie     9.5

Banana & Mango Smoothie     9.5

Milkshakes     6.0

Chocolate Strawberry Caramel Vanilla

Thick shake     extra 2.0



Coca cola varieties     4.8

Sparkling mineral water     4.5/6.5


Bottled juices & sodas     4.8



Asahi     8.9

Little creatures     8.9

Corona     7.9

Apple cider     7.9








House Red (Shiraz Blend)   7.5/28

South Australian

Fusion           8.9

House White (Sauv Blanc)   7.5/28

Marlborough NZ


House Sparkling       7.5/28

EST. | 2012

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